Project Nemesis

The player takes control of the soul from an ancient warrior, which is able to wear a wide range of armor and weapons. He is also able to challenge his friends or other players from around the world.

Groups of players are using their weapons and skills to achieve common goals, like capturing / defending of statues, or guarding a randomly chosen player. While trying to achieve the goal, the player has to prove his skills, his reactions as well as his ability to work in a team. Project Nemesis is a genre mixture of action games, role playing games and Hack & Slay.

Downloading, installation and playing Project Nemesis is totally free.

Project Nemesis wins Gamesload Starter Trophy 20.11.2011

Today, it´s time to party! For the first time on the Browser Game Forum, Gamesload has awarded the "Starter Trophy" to the best browser game concepts.

Today, we´re proud to announce, that Project Nemesis was elected number 1. We´re absolutely happy about this great feedback for our work.

Gamesload Starter Trophy [german]

Animation Feature I 15.09.2011

Hi guys!

Our first animation feature is now online.
Providing an inside look on the shield class and showing some raw animation data.

weekly concepts VI 05.09.2011

Huge update on shields!
This time, heavily inspired by roman examples. We also took Drakel101 and Açaí´s recommendations serious and redesigned number one and two of last weeks concepts. I think, they were right with their suggestions - thanks for that one!